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Inside of a red wooden covered bridge located in the Laurentians, Quebec, Canada. Taken on




I have experience in pension services, real estate law, criminal law, penal law, family law, liability, sales and customer service. I am quadrilingual and have excellent written and oral communication skills in both official languages. My working style is cooperative, efficient and meticulous. My law degree from Laval University allowed me to acquire advanced skills in research, analysis and problem solving. I also have a certificate in criminology and a certificate in law and ethics from the University of Montreal. By taking the initiative to pursue my law studies in Quebec, while maintaining a part-time job in a renowned high-volume restaurant in Montreal, I was faced with new challenges that brought out a high level in me. autonomy and responsibility, excellent time management skills, self-discipline, maturity and most importantly the ability to work in a fast-paced environment and adapt to changing circumstances. My awareness of the importance of respect and fairness towards others, my flexibility, my hard work as well as my natural ability to work effectively in a team, allowed me to quickly become a valuable asset for the establishment where I was employed, while maintaining an excellent academic record. Also, my position as Assistant to the General Manager has allowed me to develop my ability to work confidently with senior management representatives of all ages and to maintain good interpersonal relationships. I am passionate about criminal law and human rights.



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